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2010 Rally

KN2P Rally for Shared Parenting in June 2010

KN2P 2010 Rally for Shared ParentingKN2P 2010 Rally for Shared ParentingKN2P 2010 Rally for Shared Parenting

Our rally drew a sizable crowd and was hosted concurrently with the annual “Taste of Charlotte” event in Uptown Charlotte. Several speakers gave informative, if not emotional, support for changing North Carolina custody law to a presumption of “Shared Parenting.” KN2P's mission is to help modernize our family courts by introducing legislation that would support Shared Parenting as the default presumption in contested custody battles, instead of the highly discretionary standard our courts use now. We believe that education and awareness are key to achieving our goals since many people believe that Shared Parenting is just common sense. The sad reality, unfortunately, is that children are taken from their loving parents every day in our family courts as a result of an imperfect and outdated legal system.

Various media outlets, including The Charlotte Post, were there to cover the event:

Dads – and some moms – are pushing for shared parenting when families split.

A group called Kids Need 2 Parents rallied at Marshall Park on June 12 to make “shared parenting” the presumed standard in custody law.

“The current legal standard is ‘in the child’s best interest,’ but in reality it’s 85/15 because the mother still wins custody 85 percent of the time,” Sheila Peltzer, president, KN2P, who dedicated herself to fighting for shared custody after her son’s custody battle for his children. “Under presumed shared custody, each parent would start out at 50-50.”

Tim McKyer, a former Carolina Panthers player and fathers’ rights advocate who has been in a drawn out custody battle for his two sons, looked empathetically at Peltzer as tears welled up in his eyes behind his shades. “My children weren’t allowed to go to my grandmother’s funeral,” he said. “Best interest of the child is storefront of the Gestapo. It seems good, but they don’t have your child’s best interest at heart.”
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2010 Fundraiser

KN2P Yard Sale Fundraiser 2010


Thanks to everyone who donated time, muscle, sales items or purchased goods to make our yard sale fundraiser a success! KN2P funding is needed for literature, educational materials, signage, strategic membership/alliance fees, and other initiatives that support Shared Parenting.

KN2P is a 501( c )( 3 ) nonprofit charity. All donations are tax-deductible and will be used to further our mission. Thank you for your generous support.

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